...Achbiath and Metherryn Turun...
Achbiath and Metherryn Turun

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Breed:Old World
BirthplaceEnzan Shi Dragonry
Dam:Sunset Kujachyth
Sire:Sunset Mikioth
Siblings:Clutch #8
Bond:Navy-Pink striped Cream Metherryn Turun
Bonded at:Darkling Dawn
Physical Description:Achi' is just a tiny little green, slender and bouncy. Her hide is a brilliant, new-leaf green.
Personality:Perhaps the very essence of what a green is stereotyped to be, Achi' is hyperactive, extremely forgetful, and just a little whiny when she doesn't get what she wants. She can also be extremely self-centered one minute, then willing to give you the hide off her back the next. No one ever knows what this little green is going to do next.

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Name:Metherryn Turun
Breed:Wyld/Eastern/Silshar/Moirean Mutt
Abilities:Vocal Speech, Light Breath, Voice Boosting, Psionics
Color:Navy-Pink striped Cream
BirthplaceDarkling Dawn
Dam:Copper-White-Indigo Crowarie Turun
Sire:Starred Brown Drash
Siblings:Gen 3
Physical Description:Metherryn is a moderately small dragon, only a little bigger than his bond. His hide is a rich cream color, striped at muzzle, tail tips, paws and wingtips with a deep navy blue and a pastel pink color.
Personality:The luck that such a hyperactive dragon could arrive at a completely random weyr and find his perfect companion is mind-boggling. Especially since most of the weyr wishes that Merry (as he likes to be called) and Achie never met. They're the Energizer bunny duo, they just keep going and going and going... What's worse, they seem to feed off of each other's energy, making them even more hyper than any dragon or human could every possibly be.

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