...Cometh Rufasilex...
Cometh Rufasilex

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Name:Cometh Rufasilex
Breed:Old World/Aven Fire Mix
Abilities:Psionics (Telepathy, Teleportation, Telekinesis), Verbal Speech, Assisted Firebreath, Full Shifting
Dam:Gold Yantroth
Sire:Fire Cemitae Rufasilex
Personality:Cometh is one aggressive dragon. He's athletic and competitive as well, always challenging other dragons to feats of acrobatics, flaming and magical strength, anything he can think of. Cometh will always be trying to one-up everyone in even their daily tasks. It's his quest to prove to the Nexus that Rufasilex' do rock hard, and he's one of the rockingest of them all! HOO-AH!

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