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Breed:Spell Weaver
Abilities:Verbal Speech, Plane Shift, Spell Magic
Magic:Spoken or thought spells; linked to any element or power through spell-use
BirthplaceTreval City
Personality:Here he is, Super StarStealer! Ready to defend the weak, slay the evil, and maybe even rescue a damsel or two in distress. All he needs is a horse big enough to carry him and a nice set of dragon-sized armor and he's your perfect brass knight in shining armor. Unfortunately, while his noble, chivalrous nature is mostly endearing, he sometimes has a problem with those damsels who he believes are in need of rescue and really aren't. He has difficulty believing that a frail, fragile female can take care of herself, and thinks that all a woman wants is a big, strong man-dragon to come and sweep her off her feet. He really is sweet, if you get past the unintentional sexism.

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