...Taleourruth & Venorik...
Taleourruth & Venorik

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Breed:Wyld Mutt
Abilities:Create Air/Wind (4), Control small birds (1), Teleporation, Telepathy, Shapeshift: clouded leopard
Color:Gradient Rainbow Dark Sky
BirthplaceChaos of Color
Dam:Light Sunset Copper Thraileeth
Sire:Sunset Rainbow Copper Kelrilturuth
Siblings:Clutch #23
Bond:Blue-pointed Teal Venorik
Bonded at:Aanu'Sil
Personality:No one will deny that Tale' is a good dragon. He is honest, kind and moral. Also very effectively lawful neutral. He loves to flaunt and preen in front of anyone who begins to admire his coloration, and isn't embarrassed or modest about it in any way. He is quite shallow though. He'll never chase a female who doesn't equal him in the flashy brilliance of his coloration (for surely no female could ever best him in ultimate beauty, could they?)

Flight History

Name:Venorik (drowish: "silent")
Abilities:Limited Telepathy
Color:Blue-pointed Teal
BirthplaceAanu'Sil (birthday gift from Aireona!)
Personality:For all his uniqueness in appearance, Ven' is not that remarkable in personality. He doesn't speak often, but not for lack of intelligence. More like he is the weary observer of a hopeless case (Taleourruth). It was his unique appearance that first gained him Tale's interest, the young dragon taking the kellbre as his bond then and there. But Ven' does lend Tale' his intelligence every now and then, just to nudge him from a path that may lead somewhere hazardous for the pair. Otherwise, he's just the silent lump on Tale's shoulder, always watching.